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Jesus. The Senior Pastor

"And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy" – Colossians 1:18.

We believe that the head of the Church is Jesus Christ as the chief shepherd (1 Peter 5 ) and that He is the Senior Pastor of our church. We believe that Jesus appoints Elders and Deacons who do the work of governing and leading His church as servants on behalf of Him and under His leadership and headship.

Pastors - Elders/Overseers

"This is why I left you in Crete, so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you" – Titus 1:5.

The New Testament uses the titles Elder, Pastor and Overseer interchangeably. We believe the Pastors of the church have been granted authority under the headship of Jesus Christ to provide oversight and to teach/preach the Word of God in corporate assembly for the building up of the body. We also believe in a plurality of Pastors, appointed by our Senior Pastor Jesus, as is all leadership. These men will be the first to serve, sacrifice, and love the body and who will lead and govern the church, to image Christ to the whole church.

Ministry Director - Deacons

"Therefore, brothers, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we will appoint to this duty" – Acts 6:3.

Our Ministry Directors serve the church in a variety of functions with the focus of caring for the practical and spiritual needs of the members of the church family.  They are people who have shown a particular love for the local church and a desire to serve the church family in a particularly selfless way.